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Octopus Salad or Octopus Ceviche | Ageless Beauty Essentials
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Octopus Salad or Octopus Ceviche

My brother loves Octopus (Tako) Poke, but he also needs to eat healthier. He created a recipe using cooked octopus although it was okay, I changed it up some to infuse a bit of the Hawaiian flavor while turning it into a healthy appetizer like dish.

Cooked octopus is expensive, so I bought some cooked and frozen fresh octopus to make at a later time. The purchased cooked octopus is a little too tough, though the lemon I used to marinade it softened it.

Octopus Salad or Octopus Ceviche fusion style

Octopus Salad or Octopus CevicheCooked octopus semi-defrosted sliced very thinly, juice of fresh lemons, chopped cilantro, chopped finely diced purple or sweet onion, chopped green onions, finely diced fresh tomatoes, smashed and finely minced fresh ginger and garlic cloves, finely diced koi cucumber (English cucumber), sesame oil and alae salt with a dash of Sriracha chili and a bit of brown sugar to balance acidity.

Mix together and serve over a shredded bed of lettuce.

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