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Chicken Truffle Aioli Panini Sandwich

Chicken Truffle Aioli Panini SandwichQuick Meals are things I love to create and teaching how to cook is also a hobby. My nephew, Brian was making a pressed sandwich with the Belgium waffle maker he borrowed from his friend.

I cleaned up my Panini Press and decided to teach him how to use it.

Chicken Truffle Aioli Panini Sandwich

Our supplies:
Truffle Aioli, mayonnaise, a block of cheddar cheese, fresh spinach, fresh tomatoes, garlic granules, margarine, leftover roast chicken, sweet onion dressing, french bread loaf.

After teaching him how to put it together, he put two of the sandwiches on the Panini press. After the light turned red, instead of removing them he decided to press it manually. The last 4, he didn’t and of course he noticed that it came out better. First, two got soggy, lol and of course now he knows why.

Now he knows how to make a variety of Panini Sandwiches with any leftover meats and whatever we have on hand.

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