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Selfies for Newbies

Taking Selfies for Business

Selfies are a necessary tool when it comes to creating Credibility online and when you’re using Social Media to promote your business!

Unfortunately, many have issues about taking selfies! I know I did when I first got started! But, selfies are the only way to show that the products you are selling are actually working, plus it shows your audience that you are the product of the products!

People are skeptics! Many do not believe everything they see! Friends and family are the most skeptical. You need to prove to them that it is actually working for you!

The only way to do this is to “Get Out of Your Comfort Zone” and start taking selfies!

Does taking selfies make you feel uncomfortable? Of course, it does!

Let’s ease you into it!

You don’t need to go full on and show your face right away. You can start slowly!

Here are a few examples on how to take selfies without actually showing your face.

Micellar Lotion

Take a selfie by holding the product!

That’s not too hard right?  This type of selfie will get your point across that you are using the product.  How will they know that you are using it?

Simple, you use Simple Words like:

✦ This is a MUST HAVE for thoroughly cleaning my face! The first step in my beauty regimen!
✦ My son’s/daughter’s face has cleared up because of this product!
✦ Can’t go a day without using this product! Helps my face get squeaky clean!
✦ Who knew I’d get acne at my age? I’m glad I have this product to take care of it!

Here’s another one that can show exactly what the product does without your face being in the picture!

Silk Stockings


A picture like this shows exactly what Silk Stockings has done for you!

When you post this selfie again SIMPLE WORDS that can get your audience attention is all that’s needed.

For Example:

✦ No more dry ashy looking legs for me 🙂
✦ This stuff is AMAZING! It really does feel like I have stockings on!
✦ Love how this product hydrates and protects my legs from the drying rays of the sun
✦ It hydrates my legs and my body too! Love using it after I take a shower!

Still a little shy but want to show up the fabulous lip colors you’ve tried? Again, you don’t need to take a selfie and post your entire face.  Take some pictures like the ones below. Add similar simple text just like the ones on the pictures!

Le Jolie Allure Le Jolie Aphrodite
Le Jolie Bliss Le Jolie Chic
Le Jolie Doll Le Jolie Hope
Le Jolie Miracle Le Jolie Posh
Le Jolie Precious Le Jolie Vogue

Or you can use SIMPLE words like:

✦ Love how this color looks on me!
✦ Or you can ask a question. Not sure if this color matches me… what do you think?
✦ Just got this in!
✦ I not only love the color, I love that it hydrates my usually dry lips!
✦ My lips are finally getting plump again!

The simple words are using some of the ways the product has helped you and these types of post aren’t in your face, “buy this from me type of marketing!” But, it does show that you yourself are using the products!

Want to take a Selfie but want to use a Filter? In most cases, I wouldn’t recommend using a Filter… but, if you use a filter correctly, you can get away with it and well, let’s face it… some filters can boost your confidence and they are kind of cute 🙂

Here are some examples of Selfies using Filters. In the first picture, it’s a selfie with a lip color.  The selfie filter is cute and it still shows the color of the lip pencil.  The 2nd picture is another selfie using a filter, but the filter isn’t distracting and the product is clearly visible.

Le Jolie hydrating lip color Acti Diet Weightloss made easy

In summary, taking SELFIES when you are trying to promote products so people will buy from you is necessary especially if you want to build Credibility and Trust! You MUST become the PRODUCT of the PRODUCTS! You MUST SHOW everyone that you use the products yourself! It means STEPPING out of your COMFORT ZONE. But, you can ease yourself into it!

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