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Basic Beauty Regimen Products Must Have | Ageless Beauty Essentials

Basic Beauty Regimen Products Must Have

Using the right Beauty Regimen is crucial when starting to create a skincare routine! There are only 4 products from Acti-Labs that can get you started on the right track!

Konjac SpongeKonjac Sponge – Exfoliate your dead skin cells breaking up embedded grime and allowing the skin to breathe and exposing clogged pores.  This simple but effective and mandatory technique will allow any treatments and applications to work more effectively, so the skin can better absorb the products and get them deeper into the dermis where they are needed!

If you don’t exfoliate dead skin, you’re only treating the cuticle (top layer) of the skin which will more than likely be covered with dead skin cells. Konjac sponge is an “Amazing Must Have” Beauty tool to ensure that your skin is cleansed thoroughly.

Prime your face first by breaking up the dead skin cells and disturbing the embedded grime and dirt with a light circular motion on your face with the warm water expanded konjac sponge. Apply your Deep Pore cleanser unto your face and use the Konjac Sponge to gently remove all the residue again using a circular motion while rinsing the sponge as needed.

Choose a deep pore cleansing product like Anti-Imperfection Cleansing Gel or Micellar Lotion. Using a mild but effective deep pore cleansing product with the right ingredients is crucial for helping to reverse skin damages.

Acti-Labs Anti-Imperfection Cleansing Gel Anti-Imperfection Cleansing Gel is great for oily and acne prone skin.  It helps to gently remove excess oil, daily grime, and impurities which can lead to congested skin, blackheads, and breakouts. Can also be used on the body.

Contains our patented clinically & dermatologically tested Acti-Complexe.

Key features
◆ Clinically Proven Acti-Complexe
◆ Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen for greater bioavailability
◆ Hyaluronic Acid
◆ Earth Marine Sea Water
◆ Plankton Extract
◆ Succinic Acid
◆ Chamomile Extract
◆ Aloe Leaf Extract

Micellar deep pore cleansing Lotion Micellar Lotion is our deep pore cleanser, helps to balance skin pH. This non-rinsing and non-drying formula gently removes impurities and makeup without irritating your skin and helps to replenish your skin with hydrating and good-for-skin ingredients such as Sea Fennel Extracts and Aloe Vera.

Key features
◆ Micro-Encapsulated Ingredients (for increased bio-availability)
◆ Sea Fennel
◆ Aloe Vera
◆ Madonna Lily

One very important application for cleansed skin is the application of a moisturizer!  This is something that many do not do.  Cleansing removes impurities but also natural oil. Just because your skin is oily it doesn’t mean you don’t moisturize. Moisturizers put back the necessary oils and help to rehydrate and keep your skin moist. Acti-Labs products contain skin nourishing ingredients that help to put back missing nutrients to help rebuild skin cells and skin matrix deep into the dermis. Healthy well nourished skin cells will help to reverse skin damages.

Choose one of the following Moisturizes according to the extent of your skin damage.

Acti-Labs Anti-Imperfection Day Cream

Anti-Imperfection Day Cream

A lightweight facial day cream designed for oily and congested skin.

Charged with marine and botanical actives to help reveal skins natural clarity. Hydrating without overloading, restoring balance and control.

Suitable for any age group!

Anti-Imperfection Night Cream

The essential night treatment helps to re-balance the skin to suppress future breakouts. Powered with marine and bio-actives which work through the night to help reveal skin’s natural clarity.

Suitable for any age group!

Acti-Labs 25 Plus Day Cream

25+ Day Cream

With 25+ cream our daily objective is to maintain, protect and replenish. Featuring our Acti-Complexe, designed and proven to help skin stay moisturized and radiant.

Light in texture for easier absorption. This cream is available in specialized formulations for 3 different skin types. Oily, Normal and Dry Skin.

It’s important to remember that changes in your skin are actually a reflection of past behavior. By taking early action, you can make a significant impact on your skin’s future health.

Suitable for age group 25 thru 34 or anyone who is only starting to see signs of skin damage, like very fine lines or dry skin.

Acti-Labs 35 plus day cream

35+ Day Cream

Mid-thirties is often a time where we really start to consider taking skin care seriously. Collagen and elastin decrease and become weaker. You’ll probably first start noticing fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes and mouth area.

This day cream melts at skin temperature to hydrate while delivering the power of our clinically proven Acti-Complex.

Available in a variety of exquisitely textured formulas for Oily, Normal and Dry skin types. Combined with additional marine and botanical extracts, this cream works to increase radiance and replenish moisture.

Suitable for age group 35 thru 44 or those who are starting to see more pronounced lines.

Acti-Labs 45 plus day cream

45+ Day Cream

Restore your skin’s architecture with cutting edge bio-actives.

An exclusive day cream that regenerates the skin and has proven wrinkle reducing results.

Powered with our clinically proven Acti-Complexe and available in a variety of exquisitely textured formulas, this cream works to increase hydration and replenish moisture. Past damage seems to recede, fine lines appear to fade away. Firmness, radiance, and resilience are restored.

Suitable for the more mature skin with deep wrinkles, sagging, dark spots, age spots, dry sunspots.

Acti-Labs Intense Night Cream

Intense Night Cream

An intensive formula that helps replenish and perfect skin’s luminosity as you sleep. A synergistic bio-complex, featuring Acti-Complexe, combined with marine extracts helps to improve skin condition.

It smooths the skin whilst cellular respiration is at its best, leaving it with a subtle glow that comes from within.

Suitable for ages 25 and up and anyone who wants an intense night cream to provide potent skin hydration and skin nourishment while you sleep.

All Products Above can be purchased in our Skincare Category

A Facial Mask used once or twice a week that can deeply cleanse the skin, improve texture as well as provide the missing nutrients is a must have for any beauty regimen.

Vesuvio Mineral Facemask with Volcanic Ash
Vesuvio Mineral Facemask

Boasting a wealth of active botanical and natural ingredients, Vesuvio Mineral Mask has a lot to offer. Its formula, containing Volcanic Soil, Sea Silt, Hyaluronic Acid, and Green Tea, has been designed to help you bring the indulgence of the spa home.

Key Ingredients

◆ Volcanic Soil – Volcanic ash is used in skincare as an antibacterial and detoxifying agent. Rich in sulfur and other minerals, it helps kill bacteria and increase oxidation of the skin.
◆ Maris Limus Dead Sea Silt – Dead Sea nutrients are some of the richest and beneficial to skin health. Silt from the sea is known to extract impurities from the skin and nourishes with over 20 different minerals crucial to skin health.
◆ Green Tea – Used for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, green tea helps to maintain skin health and youthfulness.
◆ Hyaluronic Acid – Hyaluronic acid is best known for keeping collagen synthesis up, as well as retaining skin moisture, contributing to the anti-aging benefits to the skin.

Suitable for any skin type made for sensitive skin. Buy it Here

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