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Hydra Slim | Ageless Beauty Essentials
Nutriceutical Supplements

Hydra Slim

Hydra Slim Weight Loss Supplement
Hydra Slim

Some call it “The Miracle in a Bottle!”
Number One selling Slimming Aid – Natural Power Ingredients and your new best friend to help you win the battle of the bulge!

We believe you have to put nutrition first in order to achieve your weight loss goals. Dieting without proper nutrition and vitamins can cause your body to feel run down!

Weight loss happens when you’re consuming fewer calories than you’re used to. Providing you’re making sure your body is getting the right nutrients, you’ll achieve your goals. We all know this…right? So why do we all find dieting so hard?

Do hunger pangs get the better of you?
Can you simply not resist that chocolate cake?
Do “slow results” remove all your motivation to continue?
Do cheat days set you back because you cannot control the urge to binge eat?
Our goal is to provide solutions to all of the above in the most healthy way possible.

HydraSlim is a delicious blend of powerful weight loss super-fruits and botanicals features; concentrated Acai Berry, African Mango, juices combined with white, green and red tea leaf with no added sugars or preservatives. Used daily, Hydra-Slim will restore and re-balance your body’s internal systems naturally. HydraSlim helps rid your body of toxins it may have accumulated and also helps to boost your body’s metabolism, particularly its ability to metabolize carbohydrates, glucose and fats. This dietary supplement helps reduce bloating, reduce water retention and speed up digestion, resulting in a flat tummy sensation, while fennel seeds help eliminate gases. Nutritionally developed beverage aids weight loss, controls appetite and keeps you feeling full without the sugar rush.

Packed full of nutrients this powerful super drink will give you a helping hand this summer. Not only will it increase your energy levels ideal to keep up with the kids on school holidays, but also it helps you to stay trim ensuring that you are beach body ready. On top of all that this little miracle pot is also anti-aging!!

Health Disclaimer

Not Recommended for Pregnanat or Nursing Mom’s. If you are under physician’s care.  Please consult with your doctor before adding any supplement to your daily diet.

NOTE: Sipping is necessary to ensure proper effect is achieved.  One infused water bottle of Hydra Slim should last between meals if sipping is done correctly.  You must follow provided instructions by the Ambassador who you purchased the product from.

Not drinking enough water can result in headaches, nausea or fatigue. Water is essential to ensure stored toxins are flushed out of your system as you use Hydra Slim to aid with weightloss. You should drink enough water to fully hydrate every cell in your body according to your weight.

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    1. Author

      Hi April, I will comment here once Hydra Slim is back in stock! If you’re on Facebook you can add me as a friend fb.me/chris.tano.morgan and I will message you on messenger if you want.

      1. Author

        Hi April, we just got word about Hydra Slim. FDA has changed the labeling requirement. We had 2 shipments stuck in customs. The shipment sat in customs so long waiting for inspection that the new labeling regulations became effective. ETA on Hydra Slim with new labels is around mid-September. I will update again when we have stock available.


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